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At Great Eastern Life we aim to offer our customers the best possible financial advice. And this starts with you, our trusted distribution partners.

To help us jointly achieve the best level of service to our customers, we have designed not one, but two Great Eastern specific tools to enable the best possible selection and career development of our Great Eastern distribution representatives. Together they build the foundation to the unique and widely recognised Great Eastern Competency Model for Agency Force.

These 2 tools are:

1) Great Eastern Talent Search (GETS)

GETS allows to assess individual competencies in relation to the aspirational competencies required to perform successfully in a financial sales advisor role.

2) Great Eastern Manager Search (GEMS)

GEMS is a customized assessment tool that evaluates potential managers against the Great Eastern Life Leadership competencies required to be an effective manager-builder.

Each of the tools will guide you through a simple list of questions. At the end of each questionnaire, you will be given a set of reports that outline the recommended development plan.

We trust you will find these tools useful as you contemplate your next career decision. Our mission at Great Eastern is to make life great by providing financial security, and promoting good health and meaningful relationships.

We look forward to sharing this with you.

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